Avoid malfunctions due to dirty control cabinets

Control cabinets used in industrial production must be reliably protected against dirt and dust. Otherwise, you run the risk of short circuits caused by conductivity of dust/dirt deposits. Additionally thermal insulation capability can cause individual components to overheat resulting in machine failures, or worst case, electric shock or fire. 

The base of a switch cabinet in particular can become a weak point if cables are not sufficiently sealed.  This makes it very difficult to maintain the protection class of the switch cabinet.

With the help of icotek cable entry solutions for control cabinets, you can reduce disturbances and failures to a minimum. In this webcast we will show you how to effectively protect users and systems.

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Webcast dates:

Day Time (Central European Standard Time)  

Wednesday, 29/07/2020



  2:15 pm (CEST)

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