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Our corporate values

Our daily work is characterised by the following values:


Innovation is a key factor driving our business development and growth. Numerous patents and constant development speak for themselves!


Due to our five subsidiaries and more than 50 representations worldwide, our daily work is characterised by international exchange. Our employees speak many different languages to communicate with our customers and partners all over the world.


Reliability is a value that shapes our daily work. This applies to dealing with customers for whom we are a reliable service partner and to our employees, whom we can offer secure jobs.


Openness means for us the interest in progress as well as an open-minded dealing with other cultures, which determines our everyday lives due to our international activities.

Success orientation

The past few years have been mainly characterised by growth in all divisions. In order to be able to continue our successful course in the future, we need employees who are very motivated to realise our goals.


This value is not only reflected in our flexible working hours but also in festivities including our families or visits of kindergarten groups and school classes.