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LED2WORK is one of the pioneers in the LED industry and ranks among the leading manufacturers of highly-specialised LED luminaires for workplace applications, machines and production plants. The durability of the products distinguishes them, as well as their constant pursuit to increase our luminaires‘ added value with innovative ideas. Their target is to take the conscious decision to utilise the possibilities offered by the properties of light and to convert these into products. LED2WORK calls it „Intelligence in Light“.

LED workplace lighting

The range of workplace luminaires is just as versatile as the variety of applications. LED2WORK workplace luminaires are sought after wherever excellent lighting conditions are required, and where precise, focussed light is crucial for quality. They enable good contrast vision with a very high degree of colour rendering. Ergonomic LED luminaires are available in different sizes and designs, depending on the respective application requirements.

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LED machine lighting

The hallmarks of LED2WORK machine luminaires are robust aluminium housings, glare-free safety glass, and Viton® seals for a high degree of protection. They have been developed for the most demanding and adverse operating conditions. Extreme temperatures, oil, water, hot chippings, cooling lubricants and emulsions have no impact on service life or luminosity. As a specialist,
the product portfolio of LED2WORK provides the right lighting solution for every application.

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LED industrial luminaires

Robustness and versatility characterises the industrial luminaires. They are resistant to a variety of chemicals and splinter-free, thanks to a polycarbonate tube or well-protected by borosilicate glass.
LED industrial luminaires are also suitable for use in industrial image processing and ID systems. They combine high illumination intensity with homogeneous, flicker-free illumination. The camera’s
field of vision is optimally illuminated and, if required, the luminaires can also be dimmed via PWM.

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Power supply, dimming boxes, sensor cables, sockets & fasteners

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