Air-conditioning & lighting for electrical enclosures

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An electrical enclosure protects the electrical control or DP systems inside it. To ensure that those highly sensitive systems work safely and reliably, the enclosure needs to meet ever more exacting requirements. Air-conditioning and lighting are becoming particularly important here. ELMEKO has the know-how needed to develop and manufacture the components required.


Ambient temperatures and humidity are relevant; so are installation situation and exposure to sunlight. ELMEKO develops and manufactures components such as coolers and heaters that take account of every relevant factor.

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Lights need to work reliably; they are essential for the electrician called to fix a system fault or failure. ELMEKO manufactures high-voltage LED lights for electrical enclosures that offer brightness, robustness and longevity for industrial applications.

LED Lights


Document pockets are just a few of the practical accessories available for electrical enclosures. This is another area in which ELMEKO regularly breaks new ground with innovative products.

Document pockets