Cleanroom technology


Cable transit & cable management for cleanrooms

A cleanroom is a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as possible depending on the cleanroom class and the desired contamination. icotek offers cost-effective and specially conditioned (acc. to EN ISO 14644) cable management and cable transit solutions for cleanroom technology.

To create and maintain the desired cleanroom atmosphere in the ambient air of the cleanroom, it is necessary to create a closed, low-turbulence and pressure-tight environment which enables constant temperature, humidity and pressure conditions. The particle concentration and the laminar flow are optimised according to the desired purity.

Machines and electric drives located in the cleanrooms must be supplied with electrical energy. In the field of cable transit, cable management and EMC technology, icotek offers highly efficient and economical solutions for cleanroom systems.

A scientist in sterile coverall gown using laboratory equipment for doing biological research in cleanroom.
» KEL-U 24 CR split cable entry frames, IP54:Routing of a large number of pre-terminated cables through the floor of a cleanroom.

» Split cable entry systems by icotek enable a quick, safe and cost-effective way to feed several preassembled cables (e.g. with multi-pin power plugs, circular M connectors, Profibus, D-Sub...) through cleanroom walls and into control panels, enclosures and laboratory equipment without voiding the warranty of the cables. icotek split cable entry components also seal the entry points with up to IP66/IP68 / UL type 4X rated protection and provide strain relief according to EN 62444.

Cables without assembled connectors as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hoses can be routed through » membrane based multi-cable entry plates which provide sealing rates of up to IP66/IP68 and UL type 4X.

Areas of application for icotek cable entries in cleanroom systems

  • Microelectronics
  • Space technology
  • Microstructure technology
  • PCB technology
  • DQS medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Medication products
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals

In general, icotek products have a high quality and outstanding efficiency. All icotek products are quick and easy to install and to be assembled with cables, during the initial installation and in maintenance or retrofitting cases.

The icotek cable management and transit components comply with important approvals and standards such as IP rated protection (acc. to EN 60529) and UL type rated protection (acc. to UL 50E), UL recognition or ECOLAB detergent resistance which makes icotek a strong and reliable partner in the field of cleanroom technology.


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