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Cable entry through the control panel base

icotek enclosure base plates increase safety and productivity


Control panels that are used in industrial production facilities must be reliably protected against the ingress of dirt and dust. The solution to dirty enclosure interiors: icotek enclosure base plates for dust-tight cable entry. Find out more »

icotek base plates at a glance

Enclosure gland plate with slide frames, IP54

Enclosure gland plate with slide frames, suitable for KEL-U cable entry frames.


Split enclosure gland plate, IP54

Split enclosure gland plate suitable for mounting KEL cable entry frames.

» KDR 2

Enclosure base plate for MP modular gland plates, IP54

Enclosure base plate for mounting of MP modular gland plates. Suitable for Rittal enclosures.


Modular gland plates, IP54

Modular gland plate system for mounting cable entry components in enclosure bases, roofs and divider panels. Suitable for enclosure base plate KDR-BMP.

» MP

Enclosure base gland plate with brush grommet

Split enclosure base gland plate with brush grommets for Rittal TS8 enclosures.


Universal brush strip with clamp profile

Universal brush strip for cable pass-through on enclosures, cabinets, server racks, panels, machines. Available in your required length!


Split flange plates with brush strips

Split flange plates with brush strips for compact enclosures by Rittal.


Flange plates, IP54 - IP66

Flange plates for mounting cable entry components on compact enclosures, terminal boxes or bus enclosures by Rittal and Fibox.

» FP

Sealing bead made of PU foam, self-adhesive

Self-adhesive foamed PUR seal for individual applications.

» Sealing bead

Sealing tape for enclosure base plates, self-adhesive

icotek offers a one-sided self-adhesive sealing tape for enclosure base plates.

» Sealing tape

icotek WebCast: Avoid malfunctions due to dirty control panels

In this webinar we will show you how to effectively protect users and systems. Duration: 43 min.

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The problem: Dirty control panels

Control panels that are used in industrial production facilities must be reliably protected against the ingress of dirt and dust. Otherwise, the conductivity of deposits can lead to short circuits, and their thermal insulation capacity can lead to overheating of individual components. This can result in machine downtimes and, in the worst case, electric shocks or fire accidents.

The base of a control panel in particular can become a weak point if lines are not sealed sufficiently and the degree of protection of the control cabinet cannot be maintained.

In particular, components for ventilation and control panel air conditioning then  suck the dust into the enclosure and distribute it there.

Dust and dirt …

... are often electrically conductive.
Risk of short circuit!

... can insulate thermally.
Risk of overheating/fire!

... are responsible for 30% of
machine downtimes!

... enter through the control cabinet floor
in 90% of cases!


The solution: The patented KDR systems for panel base cable entry

Prefabricated enclosure base gland plates and modular gland plates with standard cut-outs for our KEL cable entry systems enable a quick and easy install. The KDR-ESR is a one-piece plate to be assembled on enclosure bases. Slide frames for the KEL cable entry frames are already pre-assembled.

Various flange plates that fit e.g. on AX / AE compact enclosures, KX /  KL terminal boxes or BG bus enclosures by Rittal let you easily mount our cable entry devices at your enclosure wall.

Enclosure base plates – 
why the KDR solution is worth it:

  • Sealing of the control panel base with IP54 (certified acc. to EN 60529)
  • Extremely simple assembly / disassembly from inside the control panel. The enclosure does not need to be lifted!
  • During assembly, almost the complete base of the enclosure can be used for installation of cables
  • Even large connectors can be installed easily
  • Retrofitting possible without disconnecting cables. Everything can be built around the cables
  • No additional sheet metal work required
  • Long durability of the seals
  • The icotek flexibility: base plates are designed for Rittal VX25 / TS 8, Häwa H390 / H395 and nVent Hoffman ProLine G2 enclosures. Other sizes can be supplied on request

Assembly video

Convince yourself of the simple assembly of our products.

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