ST-B-HD | ST-B-HDD plugs for membranes

suitable for multi-membrane cable entry plates, FDA compliant

icotek offers plugs of the type ST-B-HD in the signal colour blue and in a detectable version of the type ST-B-HDD. The signal colour blue ensures a clear visual color recognition.

The ST-B-HDD plugs consist of a combination of polymer compound and metal particles. These can be sorted out using metal detectors, X-ray devices and visual detection systems.

The ST-B-HD and ST-B-HDD plugs are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications and for the food industry.


Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -40 C° to 120 C°
Material Polyamide
Properties silicone free, halogen free, higher chemical resistance, resistant to oil and mould

Advantages & benefits

  • Sealing of pierced cable entry membranes which are no longer in use
  • Blue colour for clear visual recognition
  • ST-B-HDD: Detectable using metal detectors X-ray devices
  • High resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, mineral products

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