Cable entry grommets for supply cables

The KEL-ULTRA flex is designed as a cable entry grommet for any large cable or conduit that is difficult to manage. The KEL-ULTRA flex comes in two sizes and is ideal for routing and sealing cables and conduits with a diameter from 25 to 115 mm. Due to the high flexibility of the elastomer pyramid, inserting large, thick cables with KEL-ULTRA flex is easier than using standard cable glands.

After inserting the cable or conduit, the KEL-ULTRA flex is quickly and easily mounted with the metal ring and screws. This ring enables a circular fixing and sealing of the grommet at the enclosure wall. The ring is supplied with each KEL-ULTRA flex. Cutting of grommets: Cable diameter less 25%. It is recommended that additional strain relief be provided for cables as part of the installation.