Cable entry plate KEL-DPZ 24 | Maximum cable density – minimum mounting time


At icotek we have set ourselves the goal of developing innovative products which provide real benefits to users, compared to conventional solutions. As a result we have optimised our KEL-DPZ 24 cable entry plate for cables without connectors.

One gland plate instead of numerous cable glands

The cable entry plate KEL-DPZ 24 is especially characterised by its high cable density which can’t be achieved with conventional solutions. With the KEL-DPZ 24|122 for example, you are able to route more than 100 optical fibres or thin cables and wires with diameters from 1.5 to 2.6 mm. The KEL-DPZ 24|42 provides space for routing 42 standard cables or pneumatic hoses from 3-2 to 6.5 mm in diameter.

All these routing solutions require a cut-out of only 36 x 112 mm, the cut-out size of 24 pin standard heavy industrial connectors (e.g. by Harting, Wieland). They even share the same drilling template.

Highly flexible in all aspects

Electrical cables and wires, fibre optics or hoses with diameters from 1.5 to 22 mm can be installed, sealed and additionally strain relieved with the KEL-DPZ 24.

With only 8 different models almost any combination of cable diameters (within the range) can be routed through one plate. The secret lies within the cable sleeve grommets with large clamping ranges. Furthermore, the special design of these conical grommets enables a flexible routing of rigid cables and hoses. Cable feed-through in a 45° to 60° angle should not be a problem.

High sealing rate, high stability

The membranes at the plate front as well as the conical sleeve grommets at the back provide a double sealing of the cable, certified with IP65 / IP66 and UL type 12. 

An integrated 14 mm high hard frame made of polyamide gives the KEL-DPZ 24 the required rigidity, stability and contact pressure to tightly seal the plate on all edges.

Quick and easy mounting and assembly

Another user benefit is the quick and easy 4-screw mounting. Even the installation of cables or hoses can be done reliably within seconds. Simply put a small slit into the thin membrane and push the cable through – done!

Assembly Video

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Advantages & benefits

  • High stability
  • Very high cable density (compared to cable glands)
  • Integrated strain relief
  • Simple and quick assembly with cables
  • Flat surfaces (hygienic design)
  • Resistant against ECOLAB detergents
  • Double cable sealing with IP65/IP66 and UL type 12


For the KEL-DPZ 24 icotek also offers useful accessories. Already pierced membranes can be resealed with ST-B plugs. This way the IP ratings IP65 and IP66 still remain.

To get a reliable EMI shielding on the routed cables directly at the inside of the enclosure or machine wall, the EMC cable assembly bracket KEL-EMC-PF can be screwed directly on the back of the mounted KEL-DPZ 24 using the screws of the cable entry plate. To shield the cables EMC shield clamps PFS|SKL and PFSZ|SKL (also available as double versions) can be snapped on the assembly bracket.

For mounting the KEL-DPZ 24 on Rittal enclosures with prefabricated cut-outs the icotek flange plates FP-AE, FP-KL or FP-BG can be used. In this case the protection class is reduced to IP54 which is conditioned by the enclosures themselves.

Technical specifications

Material: frame: polyamide, sealing plate: elastomer
Colours: grey (similar RAL 7035)
Flame class: UL94-V0 self-extinguishing
IP raitng: IP65, IP66 (certified acc. to EN 60529)
UL type rating: UL type 12 (certified acc. to UL 50E)
Temperature: -40°C to +90°C (static)
Properties: halogen free, silicone free
Cut-out: 36 x 112 mm
Mounting height: 14 mm

Other members of the KEL-DPZ family

The KEL-DPZ series offers other types for routing and sealing standard cables. KEL - DPZ - B (cut-out size 46 x 46 mm) and KEL - DPZ - E (cut-out size 112 x 18 mm) are designed for very small spaces.

KEL-DPZ-KL is developed especially for Rittal KL terminal boxes. Up to 72 cables with different diameters can be easily routed and sealed.

For round cut-outs we offer the KEL - DPZ round series with an integrated thread suitable for metric cut-outs M32 - M63, a high packing density of up to 78 cables per gland and high protections classes IP66 / IP67 / IP68 / UL type 4X.

Certifications as IP protection classes IP65 to IP68, UL Type Ratings 12 and 4X acc. to UL 50 E, UL, ECOLAB, the European railway standard for fire protection EN 45545-3 and ATEX make the cable entry plates of the KEL-DPZ family a powerful and versatile alternative to conventional cable glands.

KEL-DPZ round