KB-HDD | KBH-HDD Detectable cable ties & holders

for pharmaceutical & food industry

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The detectable cables ties and holders for cable ties are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications and for the food industry. The cable ties can be used to close packagings and transport containers.

The detectable cable ties and holders are used to install cables in the production systems. Cable ties are proven aids for the economical bundling and fastening of cables, cable harnesses, pipes and hoses. At the same time, the cable ties achieve a very high strain relief.

The holder is mounted using a screw assembly or an adhesive surface.


Temperatuur -40 C° tot 60 C°
Eigenschappen olie- en schimmelbestendig, hoge chemische bestendigheid, halogeenvrij, zonder siliconen


  • Cable ties: High resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, mineral products 
  • Blue colour for clear visual recognition
  • Detectable using metal detectors & X-ray devices
  • Support in quality assurance within food production, for example within the framework of HACCP

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