KLKB | KLB hook-and-loop cable ties

single, perforated or as tape on reel

Hook-and-loop cable ties are a more and more common fixing mode for cables. Cable ties with hook-and-loop fastener are used instead of standard cable ties, because they can be easily closed and opened several times. The soft material is gentle on cables, especially where vibrations are present.

Hook-and-loop cable ties are available individually (KLKB) in four different sizes or as a continuous roll (KLB) in four different sizes.

icotek also offers a wide range of suitable holders KBH.


Operating temperature -30 C° to 80 C°
Material Polypropylen + Velours PA
Properties halogen free, silicone free

Advantages & benefits

  • Reusable
  • The cable tie material is gentle on cables, especially if there are vibrations
  • Adaptable

Product types & sizes

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Suitable accessories

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