CONFiX cable conduit system

Flexible conduits & conduit connectors

With CONFiX conduit routing components by icotek cables can be easily routed inside parallel corrugated cable conduits. They are perfect for machines, control panels or switch cabinets to ensure a maximum cable protection.

Bulkhead fitting for cable conduits

90° angled bulkhead fitting for routing corrugated cable conduits via conduit connector (FWS-A)  or direct pickup (FWS-B).

Corrugated cable conduits

Corrugated cable conduits for various application areas.

Split corrugated conduits for cables with connectors

Split cable conduit for routeing of pre-terminated cables.

Cable conduit clips

Cable conduit clips for secure fixation of split cable conduits CONFiX WST.


CONFiX cable conduit system - Flexible conduits & conduit connectors

The CONFiX product range consists of bulkhead fittings which are angled at 90°. They can be mounted on machines or enclosure walls. Cable conduits provide protection against mechanical damage as well as various weather conditions.

The liftable cover of the bulkhead fitting CONFiX FWS is fixed by a hinge to the mounting box making the system very easy to mount and equip. FWS is offered in the following versions: FWS-A with metric internal thread sizes M16 to M50 for regular conduit connectors and FWS-B with a grooved conduit clip for direct pickup of cable conduits with sizes NW 13, 17, 23, 29, 37 and 50.

The corrugated cable conduits CONFiX WS can be used for various applications, depending on the material. icotek offers UV resistant polyamide cable conduits for high mechanical requirements (indoor and outdoor use) and polypropylene conduits with high chemical resistance against acids and alkalis. These cable conduits are available in sizes NW 7.5, 8.5, 10, 13, 17, 23, 29, 37, and 50.

In addition, icotek offers split corrugated conduits CONFiX WST which are designed for pre-terminated cable protection in harsh environments. CONFiX SH mounting clips for quick mounting of split cable coduits round up the product range.

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