CONFiX™ WST split cable protection conduits

for cables with connectors

The CONFiX™ WST is a two piece corrugated conduit. Perfect for routing cables with or without connectors in rough environments.

In conjunction with e.g. KVT-W90, a high degree of flexibility is achieved. Numerous conduit sizes can be used thanks to the wide variety of split grommets offered.

The length of the CONFiX™ WST split corrugated conduit can be customized to your application.

Defining your individual length:

Order numbers (ex.):

Length = 1.500 mm --> Order No. 31200.01500

All conduits are available by the metre (0.5 m steps).


Operating temperature -40 C° to 105 C°
Material Polypropylene
Properties UV-resistant

Advantages & benefits

  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly

Product types & sizes

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