AT-FL 어답터 그로밋

KT 대형을 기반으로 한 M23 커넥터용 / IP65

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The grommet AT-FL is constructed on the basis of a large KT cable grommet. The polyamide body is moulded with elastomer. All square flanges with  dimensions 19.8 x 19.8 mm (M23) can be integrated.

The insertion of AT-FL into an icotek cable entry frame enables the routing of cables with and without connectors in combination with the creation of interfaces for M23 connectors within one cable entry system. Separate cut-outs for connectors are no longer necessary.

AT-FL provides ingress protection of up to IP65 (depending on the used flange and connector).


IP 보호등급 (EN 60529) IP54, IP55, IP64, IP65
난연등급 UL94-V0, 자체소화성
온도 -40 C° to 90 C°
재질 엘라스토머
베이스 프레임: 폴리아미드
재질특성 실리콘 프리, 할로겐프리

장점 및 혜택

  • By utilising the AT-FL grommet, connectors can be integrated directly into the cable entry frame
  • 추가 타공이 필요 없음
  • 공간효율적 솔루션
  • Cost-saving assembly

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