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Pneumatics, like hydraulics, is part of fluid technology and is used for drive engineering. The working medium is compressed air which drives the working elements (e.g. pneumatic cylinders). Pneumatic applications are becoming increasingly important and their areas of application are diverse in various industries. Pneumatic hoses can be found in many areas of application. The largest industry is of course the mechanical and plant engineering.

If cylinders have to be actuated or pressure valves control a workflow as an actuator, pneumatic hoses are used to distribute compressed air. Here icotek offers efficient and economical solutions in the area of hose management and hose routing, e.g. for mechanical engineering.

» Split cable glands and » cable entry frames from icotek enable the fast, safe and cost-effective way to insert pre-assembled cables (e.g. with multi-pin power connectors, signal connectors, sensor connectors, Profibus, D-Sub ...), but also pneumatic hoses through the side wall, the floor or the roof of control panels or machines, to seal them with up to IP66 / IP68 and at the same time to relieve strain according to EN 62444.

The » IMAS-CONNECT™ AT-K-M adapter grommet creates the perfect connection of pneumatic hoses. Pneumatic bulkhead connectors can be installed to connect two hoses. This connection makes the icotek cable entry system a hybrid solution.


» KEL 183-E cable entry frame IP54: Connection of a large number of pneumatic lines using bulkhead connectors, mounted in IMAS-CONNECT™ AT-K-M adapter grommets.
» KEL-DPU cable entry plate IP66/68: Several cable entry plates for the routing of pneumatic lines, mounted on a stainless steel control panel with valve terminals.
» KEL 24-E cable entry frame IP54: Routing of pneumatic lines into the housing of a packaging machine.

Cables without connectors as well as pneumatic hoses can also be routed through icotek » multi-cable entry plates with membranes and be sealed with up to IP66 / IP68.

Many of the cable entry plates are compatible with standard cut-outs for heavy multi-pin industrial connectors (e.g. from Harting, Wieland ...) or are suitable for round metric cutouts from M16 to M85.

For installation, icotek offers numerous » flange plates, module plates and systems for control panel bases from numerous control panel manufacturers (e.g. Rittal, Hoffman, Fibox ...).

In the area of pneumatic hose management, icotek offers a broad portfolio of » strain relief plates for various types of installation.

In general, icotek products have a high quality and outstanding efficiency. All icotek products are quick and easy to install and to be assembled with cables or pneumatic hoses, during the initial installation and in maintenance or retrofitting cases.

The icotek cable management and transit components comply with important approvals and standards such as IP rated protection (acc. to EN 60529) and UL type rated protection (acc. to UL 50E), UL recognition or ECOLAB detergent resistance which makes icotek a strong and reliable partner in the field of pneumatics applications.


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