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Cable entry systems for the use in cleanrooms

Cable entry frames & plates for cleanroom technology acc. to ISO 14644


A cleanroom is a room that has an extremely low concentration of airborne particles. Airborne particles are all particles and substances that are suspended in the air and for the most part cannot be seen with the naked eye. icotek cable entry systems for cleanrooms are suitable and certified for class 1 in accordance with ISO 14644-1. Find out more »

icotek cleanroom cable entry systems at a glance

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Delbar kabelgenomföringsram, IP66/UL Type 12/4X*

KT CR-insatsbaserad kabelgenomföring med standardhåltagning för industrikontakter. Finns som enkel- eller dubbelradig.


Delbar kabelgenomföringsram, IP54 / UL Type 12

KT CR-insatsbaserad kabelgenomföring med standardhåltagning för industrikontakter. Finns som enkel- eller dubbelradig.


Slitsade kabelinsatser för renrum, IP66/IP68 / UL Type 12/4X*

Slitsande insatser för diametrar 1 till 17 och 16 till 35 mm. Passar KEL CR genomföringsramar.


Slitsade multi / specialinsatser för renrum, IP54 / UL typ 12

Slitsade insatser för diametrar från 1 till 8 mm. Lämplig för KEL CR-genomföringsramar.

» KT CR multi

Kabelgenomföringsplatta med hög kabeltäthet, upp till IP66 / UL Type 12

Genomföringsplatta med hög kabeltäthet och certifierad skyddsklass upp till IP66/UL typ 12. Finns i varierade storlekar.


Kabelgenomföringsplatta, rund, IP66/IP68 / UL Type 12/4X*

Rund genomföringsplatta med certifierad skyddsklass IP66/IP68 UL typ 12/4X*. Metriska håltagningar M25-M63.

» KEL-DPZ CR rund

Hygienisk kabelgenomföringsplatta, rund, IP66/IP68, FDA-kompatibel

Rund hygienisk genomföringsplatta med certifierad skyddsklass IP66/IP68. ltagningar M32-M63.

» KEL-DPZ-HD CR rund

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Such cleanrooms are needed wherever particles present in the ambient air would disrupt production. This is the case, for example, in medical technology, semiconductor production, microsystems technology, pharmaceuticals, aerospace technology or optics. Cleanrooms are also needed in medical research.

Cleanrooms are classified by classes according to ISO 14644-1 as per ISO 1 to 9. The individual cleanroom classes may only contain a certain number of particles of a specified size. The particle concentration is considered per m³ of air. ISO 1 contains the strictest specifications, for ISO 9 the lowest specifications.

In order to be able to meet these strict requirements, materials specially developed / modified by icotek are used in our certified clean room products.

All icotek cable entry systems for the cleanroom tested and certified by the Fraunhofer IPA are suitable and certified for class 1 in accordance with ISO 14644-1!

Cleanroom classes according to ISO 14644-1 and other regulations

Industries and cleanliness criteria

++ mandatory | + recommended, but not mandatory | 0 generally not required but in individual cases recommended (Source: Fraunhofer IPA)



icotek recommends cleaning products installed in cleanrooms with a mixture of 70% isopropanol and 30% distilled water.

Not only the particle emissions are relevant but also the outgassing values VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)/SVOC (Semivolatile Organic Compounds) of the products used in clean rooms. This applies in particular to the semiconductor, optics and aerospace industries.

In the ISO class, the air cleanliness classification works on the basis of the particulate concentration.

In the ISO-ACC class, air cleanliness works on the basis of chemical concentration. The chemical concentration can lead to a chemical contamination, which can have a damaging effect on the product or on the process.

Materials as well as cable entry systems are classified based on their chemical concentration.

ISO-ACCe Class (x) = ISO-Air Cleanliness chemical concentration for equipment = AMC Class Equipment

ISO-ACCm Class (x) = ISO-Air Cleanliness chemical concentration for material = AMC Class Material

The Fraunhofer IPA certified values that were in part no longer measurable in the ultra-trace range and thus excellent to very good values. The material-specific emission rate (= ISO-ACCm class) was determined. The smaller the ISO-ACCm class, the lower the material-specific emission rate.

The test certificates of the Fraunhofer IPA can be requested from icotek: