KEL-ER-BL split cable entry frames for the food industry

for cables with connectors / IP64/IP65

The KEL-ER-BL in the signal colour blue is preferably used in the area of food packaging and processing machines where there is no direct contact with food. Products in this signal colour are also popular in the pharmaceutical sector.

The KEL-ER-BL is a split cable entry system for cables with and without connectors. Depending on the size, cables with a diameter of 1 to 16 mm (single grommets KT-BL 1 to KT-BL 15) or 16 to 35 mm (single grommets KT-BL 16 to 34) can be routed, sealed with IP65 and strain-relieved according to EN 62444. The cable grommets are placed into compartments and are securely fixed to the frame during assembly.

The KEL-ER-BL frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 10-, 16- and 24-pin standard industrial connectors. Either a cut-out of 36 mm or 46 mm in height can be chosen depending on the cables being routed. The KEL-ER-BL-B frame matches the cut-out dimensions of 46 × 46 mm measuring instruments.

The single-row cable entry KEL-ER-BL-E is characterised by its space-saving design and is therefore ideal for confined spaces and cables with flat connectors (e.g. Sub-D).

Thanks to the injected seal and the use of single grommets, the KEL-ER-BL series achieves protection class IP65. If the flange surface is roughly structured or slightly uneven, we recommend installing the additional flat blue rubber gasket included in the shipment.


IP-Klass (EN 60529) IP65, IP64, IP55, IP54
Brandklass UL94-V0, självslocknande
Temperatur −40 C° till 140 C°
Material Polyamid
Monteringstyp Skruvmontering
Egenskaper vibrationssäker, UV-beständig, silikonfri, halogenfri, anti-corrosive


  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains
  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly
  • High cable density, wide variety of grommets
  • Strain relief according to EN 62444
  • High stability, vibration resistant
  • Space-saving shape

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