KGM | GMT | Hexagonal locknuts

for split cable glands, with threads M16 - M85

KGM are hexagonal locknuts with metric threads M16 - M85 for attaching components together.

For routing SUB-D, DVI or PROFIBUS connectors in combination with the split cable glands KVT / QVT, special locknuts with suitable cut-outs are required:

  • KGM-SUB-D9 fits D-Sub 9 connectors (Required wall cut-out: ∅ 36 mm)
  • KGM-PB fits DVI and PROFIBUS connectors (Required wall cut-out: ∅ 42 mm)
  • KGM-SUB-D25 fits SUB-D25 connectors (Required wall cut-out: ∅ 50 - 54 mm)

Split hexagonal locknuts GMT for use in combination with split cable glands KVT/QVT whenever pre-terminated cables are routed inside cable protection conduits through a machine or cabinet wall. Suitable for split corrugated conduits CONFiX WST.


Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -30 C° to 120 C°
Properties silicone free, halogen free

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