KEL 183-E cable entry frames

for cables with connectors, high cable density / IP54 / UL Type 12

The KEL 183-E is the compact version of the cable entry frame KEL 183. It is available in 2 versions.

The KEL 183-E4 with its 4 large KT grommets is particularly suitable for routeing supply lines and hoses with diameters up to 35 mm. Using KT-DPF grommets enables flexible routeing of rigid cables.

The KEL 183-E16 with its 16 small KT grommets offers a large packing density for cables up to 17 mm in diameter, with or without preassembled connectors. Especially suitable for large sized connectors.

The grommets are securely fixed inside the frame and can’t fall out. Once the lid is affixed to the base frame, it is compressed and tightly sealed with IP54 / up to UL type 12.

A flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment.