Punches CONFiX™

for CONFiX™ bulkhead fittings, for steel, aluminium, stainless steel

These punches can be used to punch the special cutout shapes for the CONFiX™ bulkhead fittings.

For max. 2 mm stainless steel (V2A versions), sheet steel, aluminium and plastic.

The punches are suitable for the hand hydraulic punch driver and the hydraulic foot pump. For the FWS-A 50 / FWS-B 48 punches, we only recommend the hydraulic foot pump.

Scope of delivery:

  • Punch, die, counter nut and draw stud
  • robust plastic storage case


Materiaal Staal, gehard en gepolijst


  • For the special cut-out shapes for CONFiX™
  • High-quality padded transport case
  • Suitable for hand hydraulic punch driver by icotek or other manufacturers

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