TE Thread extension

for cable glands and cable entry plates, M32 / M50

The icotek cable glands and cable entry plates with metric thread are screwed with a locknut during assembly. If the thread lengths are not sufficient, for example when
mounting on sandwich panels or thick concrete walls, icotek offers a practical solution: the icotek thread extension!

The icotek thread extension is available in two sizes (M32, M50) and in three lengths (35 mm, 60 mm, 120 mm) and represents a real innovation in the field of cable management. The different lengths can be flexibly combined or shortened at the designated points. This means that not only very large, but also dimensionally accurate distances can be overcome
when routing the cable. Due to their stable construction, almost any number of thread extensions can be screwed together.

Cut-out size: 37 / 55 mm (standard sizes for hole saws)


Material Polyamid
Brandklass UL94-V0, självslocknande
Temperatur −40 C° till 140 C°
Egenskaper silikonfri, halogenfri
Monteringstyp Fäst med låsmutter


  • Wide range of applications in different industries such as construction, building services, caravans, cleanroom and more.
  • Especially suitable for sandwich panels of all wall thicknesses
  • IP protection of the cable gland or cable entry plate used remains in place
  • Almost endless extension possible
  • Different thread lengths can be flexibly combined with each other
  • Larger lengths can be shortened at the notch between the threads, without damaging the threads
  • Milled recess for wrench size for easy tightening of the screw connection
  • Fits to all round icotek cable glands and cable entry plates M32 und M50

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