EMC shield clamps for 35 mm top hat DIN rail, pluggable

with or without integrated strain relief

EMC shield clamps are used, where the shield of cables must be connected to the earth potential. They are easy to use and effective in earthing single cable shields.

When using types with integrated strain relief cables can be fixed via the cable jacket using cable ties. Thus strain relief in accordance with EN 62444 is achieved. We also offer EMC shield clamps with double strain relief function acc. to PROFINET installation guidelines.

Due to its special design the clamping ranges of the MSKL are very large while the dimensions are comparatively small. (Example: MSKL 3-12, assembled with a 12 mm cable shield: width 26.25 mm).

The staggered arrangement of the extremely slim shield clamp SFS|SKL maximises space utilisation. Suitable for applications that require EMC shielding close to connection points or controller inputs.

The shield clamps can be easily attached by snapping them onto 35 mm top hat DIN rails.


Material Shield clamp: Spring steel, zinc plated
Shield bracket: Mild steel, galvanically zinc plated
Snap foot: Spring steel
Properties vibration proof
Mounting options Snap-in

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