New cable entry system for cables with connectors – tool-free assembled & cost-effective!

With the new version of the compact, split cable entry system KEL-QUICK icotek releases a highly efficient and cost-effective possibility for pass-through of cables with or without connectors, conduits and pneumatic hoses. Since its original market launch in 2008, the KEL-QUICK series has been an integral part of the icotek product portfolio. Now the system has been completely redesigned, offering now an even higher stability, usability and a modern look. Furthermore, the KEL-QUICK is now also available as single row version.

Wherever cables with or without connectors, conduits or pneumatic hoses have to be routed into machines, enclosures or control panels and sealed with IP54, the cable entry system KEL-QUICK is an outstanding alternative to cable glands. Especially for applications that do not necessarily require standard-compliant strain relief acc. to EN 62444, the KEL-QUICK is the perfect solution.

Like for the old model, slit cable grommets of the QT series are used for routing lines with diameters of 1 – 15 mm within the new KEL-QUICK. In addition, there are multi-hole grommets for up to 4 lines per slot and special grommets e.g. for ASI cables. During assembly, make sure that the flat sides of the grommet face each other.

The QT-DT cable grommets can be used anywhere where a large number of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic lines (without connecotrs) must be routed and sealed with IP54. By using the QT-DT grommets, the cable density can be significantly increased.

After equipping the frame with the cables or hoses, the cover lid of the KEL-QUICK is simply snapped onto the frame. With correct selection and assembly of grommets and frames, the KEL-QUICK offers protection class IP54.

The new KEL-QUICK is based on the design of the KEL-U / KEL-ER series, making it even more robust and easier to assemble / disassemble.


The KEL-QUICK frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-, 16- and 10-pin standard industrial connectors. The KEL-QUICK-B matches cut-out dimensions of 36 × 46 mm. The single-row versions named KEL-QUICK-E are particularly suited for flat connectors (e.g. D-Sub). The small frame is ideal for applications with limited space.

KEL-QUICK frames can either be simply snapped into the KEL-SNAP frame, which provides an integrated IP54 gasket (except KEL-QUICK-E), or screw mounted. A flat rubber gasket for screw mounting is included in the shipment.

Advantages & benefits

  • Fast and easy assembly and when used with the KEL-SNAP frame, mounting without tools possible
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains
  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly
  • High cable density
  • Wide variety of grommets and frames

Split cable entry frame for tool-free assembly, double row, IP54

Compact grommet based cable entry frames for tool-free assembly.

  • KEL-QUICK 24
  • KEL-QUICK 16
  • KEL-QUICK 10
Split cable entry frame, single row, IP54

Compact QT grommet based cable entry frames. Single row design for applications with limited space.

QUICK cable grommets

Slit compact cable grommets for cables with connectors & multi membrane cable grommets for feed-through of several standard cables.

  • QT grey
  • QT-DT grey
Snap-in frames for cable entry components, IP54 / NEMA 12

Tool-free snap-in mounting frames for KEL, KEL-U and KEL-QUICK.

  • KEL-SNAP 24
  • KEL-SNAP 16
  • KEL-SNAP 10

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