KEL-QUICK | Split multi cable transit frames

for cables with connectors, tool-free assembly / IP54

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The KEL-QUICK range is a compact system to route and seal pre-terminated cables as well as conduits or pneumatic hoses utilising split QT and QTMB grommets. After populating the entry frame with QT / QTMB grommets and cables, the cover lid is snapped onto the frame without using tools. Routing and sealing with IP54 for cable diameters from 1 to 29 mm.

The KEL-QUICK frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 10-, 16- and 24-pin standard industrial connectors. The KEL-QUICK-B frames match the cut-out dimensions 46 × 36 mm. These KEL-QUICK frames can either be screw mounted or simply snapped into the KEL-SNAP frame.

The single-row KEL-QUICK-E versions are particularly suited for flat connectors. The small frames are ideal for applications with limited space.

A flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment.

It is also possible to integrate threaded bushings. Please ask us about your desired variant.

The version with threaded bushings enables the cable entry frame to be screwed onto the housing from the inside out. This protects against vandalism and tampering with the housing from the outside.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54
Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -40 C° to 140 C°
Material Polyamide
Mounting options Screw type mounting, Snap-in with KEL-SNAP
Properties UV-resistant, silicone free, halogen free, anti-corrosive

Advantages & benefits

  • Fast and easy snap-in assembly of the frame
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains
  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly
  • High cable density, wide variety of grommets
  • Greatly increased cable density when using double or quadruple grommets

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