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Hygienic cable entry plates - now available in rectangular size


The hygienic cable entry plates KEL-DPU-HD have been developed for installation in food processing and packaging machinery. The KEL-DPU-HD is particularly characterised by its solid robust frame and the increased strain relief of the routed cables. The KEL-DPU-HD 24 matches exactly the cut-out dimensions of 24-pin standard industrial connectors.

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Cable entry systems for the use in cleanrooms


A cleanroom is a room that has an extremely low concentration of airborne particles. Airborne particles are all particles and substances that are suspended in the air and for the most part cannot be seen with the naked eye. All icotek cable entry systems for the cleanroom tested and certified by the Fraunhofer IPA are suitable and certified for class 1 in accordance with ISO 14644-1!

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Snap-on mounting frame now even more versatile! 


The mounting frames KEL-SNAP  enable a quick and tool-free assembly of cable entry frames. Due to its divisibility, the new mounting frame KEL-SNAP-S can also be installed subsequently. In addition, there is no need to thread the cables through the frame.

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Just one click away:  the new snap-in cable entry plates


Now the assembly is even easier: the new variant of the proven cable entry plate KEL-DPZ is snapped into the cut-out directly from the front. This significantly reduces the assembly time. Alternatively, the new variant can be fastened with a locknut.

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Smart strain relief and EMC shielding on the C-rail


The cable clamps are characterised by a large variety of clamping areas from 6 to 50 mm. The suitable EMC shield clamp LFC contacts the cable shield directly on the C-rail.

Shipbuilding: icotek products now have RINA approval


Numerous icotek products such as cable entry systems and EMC solutions have now received RINA approval. This approval is a prerequisite for installation on ships classified by RINA. The RINA test criteria are almost identical to those of DNV GL (formerly Germanischer Lloyd), whose approval also holds a large number of our products. Many shipyards accept both DNV GL and RINA equally.

Adapter grommets for square flanges


With the new IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommet AT-FL or QT-AT-FL, all modules of a square flange with the dimensions 19.8 x 19.8 mm (M23) can be integrated directly into the cable entry.

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Hygienic cable entry plates for the food industry


With the FDA compliant membrane based hygienic cable entry plates cables or pneumatic hoses can be quickly and space-savingly routed into control cabinets, panels or machines and be sealed with certified protection class up to IP66 / IP68. Hygienic icotek cable entry plates are cost, space and time saving alternatives to hygienic stainless steel cable glands.

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Hygienic cable management in food processing and packaging


In the field of cable routing and management in hygiene critical areas icotek offers detectable cables ties and holders for cable ties. These are particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications and for the food industry.

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Split EMC cable entry frame with double sealing


The new split EMC cable entry frame EMC-KEL-DS for cables with connectors is a perfect solution for conducted and field-bound disturbances.

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IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommets now also for QUICK systems


The modular adapter system IMAS-CONNECT™ is a consistently modular designed grommet system for mounting circular connectors, Keystone jacks, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more. By utilising the modular adapter system, the cable entry frame becomes a hybrid system. 

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Extension of the SKL range by 3 new sizes


The new SKL EMC shield clamps are now available with clamping ranges 44 – 56 mm, 56 – 68 mm and 68 – 75 mm.

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IMAS-CONNECT™ Adapter grommets as an inteface for PushPull connectivity


The cut-out of the new adapter grommet AT-PP enables a screw assembly of all "compact" connector housings based on the PushPull device connection technology.

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Discover the new configurations of the round cable entry plate KEL-DP


The KEL-DP 25|7 for 7 cables with max. 5.2 mm diameters is now available. The KEL-DP 32 types A and B have been extended by 4 new configurations each.

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Smart EMC connection combined with existing cable clamp


With the LFC cable shield clamp the cable shield is directly contacted at the C-rail. Your existing clamp can still be used for strain relief.

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EMC shield clamps with cable lugs – now also available with cable fixing


The RCLZ-M shield clamps allow a secure fixing of the cable with cable ties.

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icotek products are vibration proof according to EN 61373


Numerous icotek products such as cable entry systems and EMC solutions were subjected to a vibration and shock test acc. to EN 61373. Another approval in addition to the existing approvals according to EN 45545-2 and EN 45545-3. The tested products thus meet the requirements in the field of rolling stock and railway technology.

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Large grommets with flexible clamping range up to 3 mm: QTMB


The split multi diameter grommet QTMB is used to insert pre-terminated cables (Ø 14-23 mm) into the icotek KEL-QUICK system. Due to the innovative membrane, one grommet can be used for various cable diameters (can vary up to 3 mm).

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Split EMC cable gland with double sealing


The new split EMC cable gland EMC-KVT-DS for cables with connectors is a perfect solution for conducted and field-bound disturbances.

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Single cable entry plates with peelable membrane rings for cable diameters from 5 to 36 mm


With the KEL-SCDP cable entry grommet, single cables, hoses, and conduits can be routed and sealed at a rating of IP65. Its unique advantage is the large sealing range. The single circular membrane can be peeled off to accommodate the specific diameter of the cable or hose.

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Flexible cable grommets KT-SC for cable diameters 5 - 28 mm


The KT-SC cable grommet is based on the large KT grommet and enables flexible routing and sealing of electrical cables and pneumatic hoses with diameters from 5 – 28 mm.

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