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Hook-and-loop cable ties & velcro tape holders


Cable ties with hook-and-loop fasteners are an increasingly common fixing mode for cables. They are used instead of standard cable ties, because they can be easily closed and opened several times. The soft material is gentle on cables, especially where vibrations are present. icotek also offers velcro tape holders, which can be mounted quickly and easily in various ways. Find out more »

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icotek cable management products at a glance

Hook-and-loop cable ties

Reusable hook-and-loop cable ties for bundling and fixing of cables or complete cable harnesses, conduits and hoses.


Hook-and-loop tape holder, screw mount

Velcro holder for secure cable routing. Universal mounting with screws (M5).


Hook-and-loop tape holder for Rittal profiles

Velcro holder for secure cable routing.  90° twist lock mounting on Rittal VX25 / AX punched sections and 23 x 23 mm mounting rails.


Hook-and-loop tape holder for MiniTec profiles

Velcro holder for secure cable routing.  90° twist lock mounting on MiniTec strut profiles with 8 mm groove.


Hook-and-loop tape holder for item profiles

Velcro holder for secure cable routing.  90° twist lock mounting on item strut profiles with 8 mm groove.


Hook-and-loop tape holder for Bosch Rexroth profiles

Velcro holder for secure cable routing.  90° twist lock mounting on Bosch Rexroth strut profiles with 8 / 10 mm groove.


Service boxes for hook-and-loop tape holders

Assortment of hook-and-loop tape holders in various types and sizes. Perfect for installations.

» KBH ServiceBox

Detectable cable ties & holders

Detectable cable ties and holders for cable ties particularly suitable for pharmaceutical applications and for the food industry.


Strain relief plates for screw mounting

Plates for secure strain relief and cable routing. Mounting via screws.

» ZL

Strain relief plates for DIN rails

Strain relief and cable routing plates for snap-on assembly on 35 mm top hat DIN rails and C section rails C30.


Strain relief plates for 35 mm top hat DIN rails

Strain relief plate for mounting via snap feet on 35 mm top hat DIN rails.


Cable clamps for C section rails

The cable clamps are characterised by a high clamping range and great flexibility. Ideally suited for strain relief on the C section rail C30.


Distance bushings for strain relief plates

Distance bushings for multi layer mounting of strain relief plates which increases cable density.

» DH

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Velcro solutions for your cable management!

When it comes to bundling and fixing cables and wires, hook-and loop cable ties are an excellent alternative to conventional cable ties. Conventional cable ties can only be used once and readjustment is no longer possible. On the other hand, hook-and-loop cable ties can be closed and opened hundreds of times. They are gentle on the cable, especially in case of vibrations.

Velcro tape holders serve as holders for hook-and-loop cable ties, which can be mounted easily in various ways. The KBH can be installed very quickly: the KBH-R with a 90° twist lock and the KBH-S via screw. Assembly, disassembly, retrofitting and service work can be done easily at any time. The hook-and-loop fasteners are available as a universal screw mount version and as a special version for profiles from Bosch Rexroth, MiniTec, item and Rittal.