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Splittable KEL-SNAP-S frame from icotek

icotek offers the tried and tested KEL-SNAP frame now as a new splittable version KEL-SNAP-S. The patented KEL-SNAP-S frames provide a quick and tool-free assembly for the KEL / KEL-U / KEL-QUICK / KEL-FG-A cable entry frames from icotek. 

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KEL-DPZ-CLICK with double mounting option

With the new KEL-DPZ-CLICK up to 78 cables can be fed through just one cutout. The new cable entry plate has two different mounting options! The KEL-DPZ-CLICK is available for the standard metric cutouts M25, M32, M40, M50 and M63. 

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icotek introduces new CCL cable clamps

The new CCL cable clamps are suitable for mounting on all common C-rails with an opening dimension of 16-17 mm. The vibration-proof clamps offer high, flexible clamping ranges from 6 mm to 50 mm. 

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New adapter grommets for M23 square flanges 

For its modular designed adapter system IMAS-CONNECT™, icotek offers the new adapter grommets AT-FL and QT-AT-FL. The adapter grommets serve as an interface for M23 square flange connectors.

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FDA-compliant cable entry plates from icotek

The KEL-DPZ-HD has been specially developed for the use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Considering the Hygienic Design guidelines, icotek took great care to make the surface very smooth so that there are no dirt-collecting recesses on the visible side.

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New split EMC cable entry from icotek

The new split EMC cable entry EMC-KEL-DS is based on the well-known KEL-U system from icotek. The EMC-KEL-DS guarantees EMC tightness and at the same time reliably diverts shield-related and field-related interference.

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New IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter grommets

icotek is expanding its range of adapter grommets for its IMAS-CONNECT™ adapter system to include the AT-PP and the AT-K-M.

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New EMC shield clamps for use on C-rails

The new EMC shield clamps LFC-MSKL and LFC-SKL are used for mounting with clamps on C-rails. The LFC contacts the cable shield directly on the C-rail. The existing cable clamp can still be used.

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QTMB grommet: One size fits all!

icotek presents its first split multi-range grommets QTMB. At the same time, the company is also presenting new sizes for the screwless pre-assembled cable entry KEL-QUICK. The new QTMB grommet enables the entry of pre-terminated cables into the KEL-QUICK system from icotek.

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icotek grommet with staged membrane rings

icotek presents its new cable grommet KT-SC with peelable membrane rings. The new cable grommet KT-SC has removable rings with graduated sealing areas. The new grommet KT-SC is based on the grommet size "KT large" from icotek. It enables the routing and sealing of cables and hoses with diameters from 5 to 28 mm.

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icotek introduces modular adapter system IMAS-CONNECT™

The new IMAS-CONNECT ™ adapter system by icotek is a modular designed grommet system for mounting metric connectors, keystone couplers, hose fittings, pressure compensation elements and much more.

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The product configurator for individual products

With the new online product configurator, customers and interested parties can now customise their split cable entry systems from icotek. You will be prompted to answer a few short questions in order to select the correct configuration for your needs.

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