icotek aid projects – for people in the region.


icotek aid projects

We are a medium-sized family business from Eschach in the Ostalbkreis region in the South of Germany. Both the employees and the owner family are firmly rooted in the region.  For years we have been supporting many social projects and organisations (sports clubs, music clubs, nurseries, primary schools ...) in the area.

This shows the bond with the region and reflects the responsibility towards society and fellow human beings.

Objectives of the icotek aid projects

With "icotek aid projects" we intend to unite under one roof the multitude of aid activities we already carry out in the region.  At the same time, we aim to draw attention to icotek as a desirable employer. The preservation and development of sports and cultural programmes as well as education and training are the focus of our projects.

Being an international company, we are globally active. There are people and organisations in need all over the world. „icotek aid projects“ offer regional support where it is needed the most.

The fascinating part is that icotek’s employees vote for their preferred applications and thus decide for themselves which projects are directly supported.