EMC-KT | EMC cable grommets

for shield diameters 2 - 33 mm

The cable grommets type EMC-KT are made of a very conductive elastomer. Thus, disturbances are dissipated from the cable shield directly via the grommet, the frame and the flat gasket. This ensures full-area protection against field-bound interference!

Suitable for:

The model range EMC-KT small is designed for cable diameters from 2 to 16 mm. Cable grommets EMC-KT large accept a wide range of cable diameters from 13 to 33 mm.

When using double or quadruple grommets the cable density of EMC cable entry frames and cable glands can be greatly increased.

When installing the small grommets in multiple rows, the flat sides should be facing each other.


Flame class UL94-HB
Operating temperature -30 C° to 80 C°
Material Elastomer, conductive
Properties silicone free, halogen free

Advantages & benefits

  • Contacting the cable shield over 360°
  • EMC grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer
  • Enable routing of pre-terminated cables through cable entry frames and split cable glands
  • Available for a large range of cable diameters
  • Greatly increased cable density when using double or quadruple grommets

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