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Smart Cable Management for the Industry 4.0

The automation of testing and production processes is progressing more and more. Today, many machines are integrated in partly or fully automated production plants. Industry 4.0 has left its theoretical phase behind, but despite the increased presence of wireless controllers and networking through the "Internet of Things", wiring and the associated effective cable management within automated systems continues to play an important role. Robotic cells or lines, machines within a production line, automated material handling ... reliable and intelligent cable management is a major issue. icotek offers efficient and economical solutions.

» Split cable entry systems and » cable glands by icotek enable a quick, safe and cost-effective way to feed several preassembled cables (e.g. with multi-pin power plugs, circular M connectors, Profibus, D-Sub...) through cabinet, enclosure, machine walls or robot bodies without voiding the warranty of the cables. icotek split cable entry components also seal the entry points with up to IP66/IP68/UL type 4X rated protection and provide strain relief according to EN 62444.

Cables without assembled connectors as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hoses can be routed through » membrane based multi-cable entry plates which provide sealing rates of up to IP66/IP68 and UL type 4X. Many of our cable entry components are suitable for standard cut-outs of heavy 24-, 16- and 10-pin industrial connectors (e.g. by Harting, Molex ...) or fit on round metric cut-outs from M16 to M85.

» KEL-ER cable entry frames IP66: Routing of a heavy multi-pin industrial connector into the cell of a 6-axis robot.
» KEL-ER cable entry frames IP66: Routing of supply lines and control cables assembled with motion control connectors into a 4-arm parallel robot.
» KEL-ER cable entry frames IP66: Routing and strain relief of supply and prefabricated control cables into the control box of a conveyor.

For applications with lower ingress protection requirements icotek offers » brush plates and brush strips for round and rectangular cut-outs.

For a secure and structured cable management and strain relief of electrical lines icotek offers several » strain relief plates for various mounting methods.

Fields of application for icotek cable management products in industrial automation and robotics are e.g.

  • Supply of power and control cables through the robot body
  • Supply of power and control cables from the control panel to the robot cell
  • Routing of control cables into the end effector (e.g. gripping system)
  • Cable routing and strain relief within drag chains
  • Routing of cables into control boxes of e.g. conveyors

In general, icotek products have a high quality and outstanding efficiency. All icotek products are quick and easy to install and to be assembled with cables, during the initial installation and in maintenance or retrofitting cases.

The icotek cable entry components comply with important approvals and standards such as IP and UL rated protection, UL recognition, ECOLAB detergent resistance or UV resistance according to ISO 4892-2A, which makes icotek a strong and reliable partner for automation & robotics.


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