KEL-DPZ-HD CR Hygienic Multi-Membrane Cable Entry Plates, Round

for the Use in Cleanrooms, M32 - M63 / IP66 / IP68, FDA Compliant


The new cable entry plates KEL-DPZ-HD CR with metric thread from M32 to M63 have been developed for installation in food processing and packaging machines as well as for cleanroom applications.

During the development according to the Hygienic Design guidelines, care was taken to ensure that the visible side of the cable entry plate are free of dirt-collecting recesses. The surface was kept very smooth. The outer contour has a radius of 6 mm instead of the required 3 mm. In addition, the KEL-DPZ-HD CR uses an FDA-compliant elastomer in accordance with food approval 1935/2004/EG and (EU) 10/2011. The signal color blue ensures a clear visual colour recognition.

The cable entry plates are designed to route several cables and hoses with a diameter range of 3.2 mm to 22.2 mm  and seal them acc. to IP65/66/67/68. A significant advantage over cable glands is the significantly higher cable density and the flexibility of the cable diameter range. The fixation is very simple with the locknut.

The products with article ending .600 are tested and certified for particle emission for cleanroom class 1 according to ISO 14644-1. The materials used for these products have been tested and certified for outgassing according to VOC/SVOC (ISO 14644-8; ISO 16000-6,-9,-11,-25, VDI 2083 sheet 17).

The products with the article ending .601 are tested and certified for particle emission for cleanroom class 1 according to ISO 14644-1.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54, IP55, IP64, IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68
Material Elastomer
Base frame: Polyamide
Operating temperature -40 C° to 80 C°
Properties silicone free, halogen free, resistant to oil and mold, Higher chemical higher chemical resistance

Advantages & Benefits

  • Elastomer of the cable entry plate made of material according to  1935/2004/EG , (EU) 10/2011
  • FDA compliant
  • Developed according to hygienic design guidelines (EHEDG)
  • Hygienic design – free of dirt-collecting recesses
  • Ecolab certified
  • Very flat design
  • Very smooth surface
  • Very fast assembly
  • Cable diameter 3,2 – 22,2 mm
  • Very large sealing areas and clamping areas
  • High cable density
  • Dual sealing of cables (IP66/IP68)
  • Suitable for metric cut-outs
  • Reproducible cleaning process
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • High resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases, mineral products
  • No corrosion possible because plastics have been processed
  • Maintenance free

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