UL type rating vs. NEMA rating

Why you should only rely on the UL Type Rating according to UL 50E


UL type rating acc. to UL 50E

The UL type rating is required for enclosures, cable entry components etc. for which an UL approval is required – regardless of the installation location. The UL type rating according to UL 50E requires intensive testing!

If a customer has to deliver a device according to UL Type 4X to the U.S. and installs a cable entry component, the manufacturer of which only specifies as NEMA 4X, this can lead to big problems. The UL inspector who approves the device usually also requests the corresponding test certificate from the UL. If this cannot be shown, the component has to be removed because the device does not meet the requirements of UL 50E!

NEMA types

Using the NEMA rating lies with the responsibility of the manufacturer. That means: For enclosures, cable entry components etc. that are not particularly used for the North American market and for which no UL approval is required, the NEMA rating is sufficient.

It is also the sole responsibility of the manufacturer whether he checks the component on tightness at all or whether he just claims a NEMA conformity. An examination is not absolutely necessary. Regardless of whether the product is delivered to the USA or not, proof that the product corresponds to the tightness specified by the manufacturer is ensured by the type test according to UL 50E.

All icotek products with a type rating have been tested and certified by UL according to UL 50E!

Download UL Type Ratings (UL 50E) | PDF