Strain Relief Acc. to EN 62444

for a Secure Cable Management

By using universal icotek strain relief plates with strain relief function the user can quickly assemble, organize and strain relieve cables according to EN 62444.

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Strain relief plates for screw mounting

Plate for secure strain relief and cable routing. Mounting via screws.

  • ZL
Strain relief plates with aluminum bushings for screw mounting

Strain relief plate for secure cable routing. Vibration proof due to aluminum bushings.

  • ZL-AB
Strain relief plates with brass bushings for screw mounting

Strain relief plate for secure cable routing. Vibration proof due to brass bushings.

  • ZL-MS

Strain relief and cable routing plate for snap-on assembly on 35 mm DIN rails shape H or 30 mm DIN rails shape C.

  • KZL
Strain relief plates for 35 mm DIN rail shape H

Strain relief plate for mounting via snap feet on 35 mm DIN rails shape H.

  • SF|ZL
Strain relief plates for varying cable diameters

Strain relief plate for routing of varying cable diameters. Mounting via screws.

  • ZL 03|04|05
Distance bushings for strain releif plates

Distance bushings for multi layer mounting of strain relief plates which increases packing density. Suitable for ZL, ZL-AB and ZL-MS plates.

  • DH
Shield plates for ZL strain relief plates

EMC shielding plates for mounting on ZL strain relief plates.

EMC strain relief plates

Cable collector plates for EMI shielding and strain relief. Various mounting types.

  • KAFM Single
Hook-and-loop cable ties

Reusable hook-and-loop cable ties for bundling and fixing of cables or complete cable harnesses, conduits and hoses.

Holders for hook-and-loop cable ties

Holders for hook-and-loop cable ties KLKB. Various mounting types.

  • KBH

Strain relief, Cord grips & cable management

Whenever cables, wires, hoses or conduits with diameters up to 20 mm have to be fixed, routed or strain relieved the icotek strain relief plates are used. With just one component you can route and strain relieve up to 12 of these lines, in static or dynamic applications.

The undercut on the comb shaped profile of the strain relief plate provides a secure hold of cables with diameters from 5 to 20 mm when using regular cable ties.

Compared to conventional metal or plastic cable clamps the icotek strain relief plates are a much more flexible and cost-effective solution.

Watch the assembly video:

The product portfolio includes strain relief plates for several mounting types such as screwing on metal plates, plugging onto 35 mm DIN rails shape H or 30 mm C-rails. Due to our unique multilayer mounting possibilities the packing density can be greatly increased.

Strain relief plates ZL 03|04|05 feature different comb widths. For routing several cables with varying diameters this ZL plate is the perfect solution. These strain relief plates are also suitable for cable diameters <5 mm.

For applications in high vibration environments or with constant dynamic stress on the cables the strain relief plates ZL-AB (with aluminum bushings) and ZL-MS (with brass bushings) are used. These bushings provide a better fit of the screwed strain relief plates.

In combination with ZL|SB-EMC shielding plates you unite cable management, strain relief and EMI shielding in one single component.

Approvals and standards like flame class UL94-V0, DNV-GL, ECOLAB detergent resistance or the European railway standard EN 45545-2 for fire safety enable use of the strain relief plates in many application areas.

Find the suitable strain relief plate for your application below. Do you have any questions or do you need advice? Contact us!

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