EMC Shield clamps with large clamping range

The shield clamps LFZ-M|MSKL are easy to use and effective in earthing single cable shields.

Due to its special design the clamping ranges of the MSKL are very large while the dimensions are comparatively small. (Example: MSKL 3-12, assembled with a 12 mm cable shield: width 26.25 mm).

LFZ-M|MSKL shield clamps can be attached on sheet metal (e.g. mounting plates) using M4 screws. The type LFZ-M|MSKL allows cables to be secured with a cable tie. Strain relief in accordance with EN 62444 is achieved.

The EMC shield clamp LFZ-M|MSKL is also available as 45° and 90° angled version. The 45° angled type is suitable for the use in frequency converters from various manufacturers. Thus, the cable can be inserted in a 45° angle into the wiring duct. For the cable routeing and strain relieving on edges the 90° angled type can be used.