IFPS Fire Penetration Seals

acc. to EN 45545-3, Single

Fire penetration seals for certified icotek BS cable entry components, approved for use in railroad technology (meeting the standards EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3 and EN 1363-1).

The intumescent (foaming) IFPS fire penetration seals which are mounted at the backside of the cable entry components consist of expandable graphite and increase their volume by a multiple in case of a fire. This creates a barrier which prevents a penetration of flames and high heat from one room into another for the longest possible period.

Based on the standards EN 45545-3 and EN 1363-1 icotek cable entry systems have been tested on "E45" and "EI30" in vertical alignment using mounted IFPS fire penetration seals. All tested products have been successfully certified using only one layer of fire penetration seals.

Furthermore, conventional cables instead of fire-resistant railroad cables have been used for the testing.

Also available: IFPS fire penetration seal stripe, 900 x 17 x 2.7 mm, self-adhesive


Material Graphite
Properties intumescent (foaming), halogen free, silicone free

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