Cable pass-through with brush seal

Brush plates & brush strips for enclosures, server racks & machines

icotek offers cable pass-through solutions with brush seal like brush plates and brush strips that are perfectly suitable for applications where no high sealing rate is required. The icotek brush seal solutions are meant for dust and dirt-proof cable pass-through of lines with or without preassembled connectors.

Split brush plate for cable pass-through

Suitable for cut-outs of heavy industrial connectors and round metric cut-outs M32/M50.

  • KEL-BES-S 24
  • KEL-BES-S 16
  • KEL-BES-S 10
  • KEL-BES-S round
  • Expanding rivets
Brush plate for cable pass-through

Suitable for cut-outs of heavy industrial connectors.

  • KEL-BES 24
  • KEL-BES 16
  • KEL-BES 10
  • Expanding rivets
Universal brush strip with clamp profile

Universal brush strip for cable pass-through on enclosures, cabinets, server racks, panels, machines. Available in your required length!

  • KDR-BES-U-VX25
Enclosure base gland plate with brush grommet

Split enclosure base gland plate with brush grommets for Rittal TS8 enclosures.


Split brush plate for cable pass-through

The application areas for a brush based cable pass-through are very versatile, e.g. in an electrical enclosure, a server rack, on a machine wall or on raised floors. icotek brush plates and brush strips are a cost-effective solution for a professional cable management. 

The brush seal solutions allow reduced airflow while filtering out dust and larger particulate matter. Thermal protection and visual screening are additional benefits. icotek brush plates also protect cables against wear due to sharp edges of the cut-out.

Universal brush strip with clamp profile

The rectangular brush plates KEL-BES(-S) match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 10-, 16- or 24-pin standard industrial connectors. 

For round metric cut-outs M32/M50 icotek offers the split brush plate KEL-BES-S round. It can be either directly snapped into the cut-out or screwed with a locknut.

For cable pass-through applications in base areas of enclosures and server racks by numerous manufacturers and for wide cut-outs on machine walls icotek offers the universal brush strip KDR-BES-U. Due to the innovative clamp profile the brush strip can be clamped on any sheet metal edge with a thickness of 1.5 - 2 mm, even in a 90° angle!

The 2-piece enclosure gland plates KDR-BES are supplied with preassembled brush grommets. The base plates are suitable for Rittal TS8 enclosures and are installed with standard Rittal clips.

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