Enclosure accessories

Flange plates, gland plates & accessories for electrical enclosures

For easy assembly of icotek cable entry components and EMC cable shield earthing products as well as for your cable management needs icotek offers useful enclosure accessories.

Enclosure gland plate with slide frames, IP54

Enclosure gland plate with slide frames, suitable for KEL cable entry frames.

  • KDR-ESR-VX25
Split enclosure gland plate, IP54

Split enclosure gland plate suitable for mounting KEL cable entry frames.

  • KDR 2-VX25
  • KDR 2-TS8
Enclosure base plate for MP modular gland plates

Enclosure base plate for mounting of MP modular gland plates. Suitable for Rittal enclosures.

  • KDR-BMP-VX25
  • MP
Split enclosure gland plate with brush grommets

Split enclosure gland plate with brush grommets for Rittal TS 8 enclosures.

Universal brush strip with clamp profile

Universal brush strip for cable pass-through on enclosures, cabinets, server racks, panels, machines. Available in your required length!

  • KDR-BES-U-VX25
Flange plates, IP54

Flange plates for mounting cable entry components on compact enclosures, terminal boxes or bus enclosures by Rittal and Fibox.

  • FP-AX
  • FP-AE
  • FP-BG
  • FP-KX | FP-KL
Modular gland plates, IP54

Modular gland plate system for mounting cable entry components in Rittal TS 8 enclosure bases, roofs and divider panels. Suitable for enclosure base plate KDR-BMP.

  • MP
Snap-in frames for cable entry components, IP54 / NEMA 12

Tool-free snap-in mounting frames for KEL, KEL-U and KEL-QUICK.

  • KEL-SNAP 24-MT
  • KEL-SNAP 24-E
  • KEL-SNAP 24
  • KEL-SNAP 16
  • KEL-SNAP 10
Blank plates, IP54 / IP64 / NEMA 12

Plastic and metal blank plates to close and seal unused cut-outs in enclosure or machine walls.

  • BPK
  • BPK-RF
  • BPM

Hexagonal locknuts for cable glands, special locknuts with cut-outs for various connectors and split locknuts for corrugated conduits.

  • KGM grey
  • KGM black
  • GMT black
Supports for mounting rails

Mounting feet for 10 x 3 mm bus bars and 35 mm DIN rails shape H.

  • MF
Bus bars

10 x 3 mm bus bars

  • SSK
Hook-and-loop cable ties

Reusable hook-and-loop cable ties for bundling and fixing of cables or complete cable harnesses, conduits and hoses.

Holders for hook-and-loop cable ties

Holders for hook-and-loop cable ties KLKB. Various mounting types.

  • KBH

Flange plates, gland plates & accessories for electrical enclosures

Prefabricated enclosure base gland plates and modular gland plates with standard cut-outs for our KEL cable entry systems enable a quick and easy install. We designed these gland plates for Rittal VX25 / TS 8 enclosures, but we do offer other sizes on request. Various flange plates that fit e.g. on AX / AE compact enclosures, KX / KL terminal boxes or BG bus enclosures by Rittal let you easily mount our cable entry devices at your enclosure wall.

We also offer other enclosure accessories like supports for mounting railsbus bars as well as reusable hook-and-loop cable ties and suitable holders.

You can find the right solution for your application with icotek enclosure accessories.

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