KEL-DPZ-BS cable entry plates with fire penetration seals (EN 45545-3)

with high cable density / IP66 / UL Type 12

icotek cable entry plates with fire penetration seals, approved for use in railway technology (meeting the standards EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3 and EN 1363-1).

KEL-DPZ-BS cable entry plates are designed to route and seal up to 42 cables without connectors or fibre optics (from 3.2 mm to 22 mm in diameter) in limited space. The KEL-DPZ-BS is a cost and time saving alternative to traditional cable glands.

The assembly of the KEL-DPZ-BS with cables can be done quick and easy. Simply make a small hole in the thin membrane, push the cables through. The KEL-DPZ-BS provides strain relief and protection up to IP66 / UL type 12.

The size KEL-DPZ-BS matches exactly the cut-out dimensions of 16- and 24-pin standard industrial connectors.

The intumescent (foaming) IFPS fire penetration seals which are mounted at the backside of the cable entry components consist of expandable graphite and increase their volume by a multiple in case of a fire.

This creates a barrier which prevents a penetration of flames and high heat from one room into another for the longest possible period.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54, IP55, IP64, IP65, IP66
UL Type (UL 50E) UL Type 12
Material Elastomer
Base frame: Polypropylene
Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -40 C° to 100 C°
Properties silicone free, intumescent (foaming), halogen free
Mounting options Screw type mounting

Advantages & benefits

  • Approved for use in railway technology (EN 45545-2, EN 45545-3, EN 1363-1 and EN 61373)
  • Only one fire penetration seal per cable entry component required
  • High classifications E45 / EI30
  • Fast and easy assembly
  • High cable density, wide variety of grommets
  • Automatic sealing and strain relief for the cable
  • Hygienic design - free of dirt-collecting recesses

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