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EMC Cable Entry Systems

The EMC Cable Gland Alternative – Solutions for Conducted and Field-Bound Disturbances

In case of conducted as well as field bound EMI disturbances, our cable entry system EMC-KEL offers an effective way to divert and block those disturbances and provides an economic alternative to expensive EMC cable glands. 

Split EMC cable entry frame, double row

Conductive EMC cable entry frames for cut-outs of 16- and 24-pin heavy industrial connectors.

  • EMC-KEL-U 24
  • EMC-KEL-U 16
Split EMC cable entry frame, single row

Compact conductive EMC cable entry frames. Single row design for applications with limited space.

  • EMC-KEL-E5
  • EMC-KEL-E3
EMC cable grommets, slit, for cables with connectors

Slit conductive EMC grommets for cable/shield diameters from 1 to 16 mm or 16 to 25 mm.

  • EMC-KT small
  • EMC-KT large
EMC cable collectors for cable entry systems

EMC cable collectors with EMI shielding function for cable entry systems - with or without integrated strain relief.

[Translate to USA:] [Translate to English:] EMV-Kabeleinführung für Leitungen mit Stecker

The industrial process technology demands increasing security against disturbances for electrical MCR facilities (measure, control, regulate). Special emphasis is being placed on the derivation of electromagnetic interference. A distinction is made between conductive and field-bound disturbances.

A large contact area of the cable shield for the derivation of the interference to a conductive enclosure wall combined with the shielding of the enclosure interior, generally offers a good solution for both types of interference. 

The cable entry frames EMC-KEL-U and EMC-KEL-E are based on the icotek products KEL-U and KEL-E. Due to a conductive surface, interferences in the cable shields on the enclosure can be easily dissipated. Field bound disturbances are derived by the metallization. Between the EMC-KEL and the metal wall a conductive flat gasket (included) is mounted.

The cable grommets type EMC-KT are made of a very conductive elastomer. Thus, interferences are dissipated from the cable shield directly via the grommet, the frame and the flat gasket. 
This ensures full-area protection against field-bound interference!

In the case of conducted as well as field-bound disturbances, our cable entry system EMC-KEL offers an effective way to divert and block those disturbances and provides an economic alternative to expensive EMC cable glands.

EMC cable entry

Advantages & Benefits

  • Both conducted and field-bound disturbances can be reliably diverted
  • Very attractive and scratch-resistant surface
  • Contacting the cable shield over 360°
  • Grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer
  • High cable density
  • Very good dissipation values
  • Very good shielding effect with regard to EMC tightness
  • Depending on mounting type, sealing of up to IP66 is possible

Assembly Video



Frame: polyamide, highly conductive coating
Grommets: elastomer, conductive

Flame class

Frame: UL 94 V0, self-extinguishing
Grommets: UL 94 HB


Frame: - 40°F to + 284°F
Grommets: - 22°F to + 176°F


Halogen free, silicone free

Click to enlarge:
Regarding the field-bound disturbances and depending on the application, in the relevant frequency ranges up to 3 GHz constant measurements of at least 34 dB have been achieved. Below the attenuation range, the curve falls only at extreme high frequencies above 3 GHz.
In case of conducted disruptions the EMC-KEL shows stable attenuation values up to 40 dB in the frequency ranges from 9 kHz to 30 MHz.


Here you can download an informative PDF folder about the EMC-KEL system

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