FP-BES-U Split Flange Plates

with Brush Strips

Two-part flange plates, each with two brush strips arranged in opposite directions with different trim heights (1 x 35 mm and 1 x 50 mm). They enable the routing of cables already pre-assembled with connectors and prevent dirt from entering the enclosure. 

The flange plates are designed for Rittal enclosures of type AX.

icotek also produces flange plates with brush strips for numerous other enclosure brands. Ask us at pm@icotek.com!


Operating temperature -20 C° to 90 C°
Material Sheet steel, powder coated
Brushes: Polyamide
Properties halogen free, silicone free

Advantages & Benefits

  • Easy assembly
  • Proven brush solution
  • The use of two overlapping brush strips arranged in opposite directions increases tightness
  • Ready for installation 

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