EMC Clamp Assembly with Strain Relief, for 30 mm DIN Rail Shape C

The RLFZ-M range is a further development of the EMC clamp assembly which enables grounding and strain relief (acc. to EN 62444) of up to 12 cable shields from 3-12 mm (0,118-0,472") using only one shield clamp size.

The shield clamps are assembled in a staggered double-row which enables an ideal and space-saving arrangement. The shield clamps are mounted directly on the surface of the clamp assembly which guarantees a tight fit. There are 10 different carriers available which can be easily configured with up to 12 MSKL 3-12 shield clamps.

SC|RLFZ-M can be mounted on 30 mm DIN rails shape C.

The RLFZ-M clamp assembly is used in mechanical and electrical engineering, plant construction, automotive industry and in applications where a high level of protection against failure electromagnetic interferences is required.

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