EMC Clamp Assembly with Strain Relief, for 30 mm DIN Rail Shape C

The SC|RLFZ range enables grounding and strain relief of up to 12 cables in a small space.

The combination of EMC shield grounding and strain relief is the key feature of this system.

There are 10 different carriers available which can be user configured with up to 12 SKL shield clamps.

The EMC shield clamps as listed below are available to mount:
SKL 1.5-3 (0,059-0,118") | SKL 3-6 (0,118-0,236") | SKL 6-8 (0,236-0,315") | SKL 8-11 (0,315-0,433")

SC|RLFZ can be mounted on 30 mm DIN rails shape C.

Configure your individual clamp assembly with the icotek EMC Configurator »