Gland plate KEL-DPU | universal, robust & hygienic


With the universal gland plate KEL-DPU by icotek standard cables, wires, optical fibres or pneumatic hoses can be quickly and safely routed into electrical enclosures, housings or machines and additionally strain relieved.

High stability, tightness and strain relief

The gland KEL-DPU is especially characterised by its very robust hard frame made of polypropylene which is completely moulded with elastomer. This results in a high ingress protection and stability as well as in a high strain relief level of the routed cables.

Cables passing the membranes at the gland plate front are sealed a second time through conical cable sleeves at the back of the KEL-DPU. This unique grommet design provides sealing rates IP65 / IP66 / IP67 / IP68 (certified acc. to EN 60529).

In addition, the gland plate KEL-DPU meets the high requirements of protection classes UL type 12 / 4X (certified acc. to UL 50E), confirming its excellent performance in harsh environments.

The alternative to standard cable glands

In comparison to common cable glands the cable density of the KEL-DPU is significantly higher – even when using multi sealing inserts with the cable glands.

Up to 32 cables or hoses can be routed with just one KEL-DPU. The gland plate fits on space-saving cut-outs (36 x 112 mm) for common 24-pin industrial connectors.

Quick and easy mounting

The mounting of the gland plate by screwing or tool-free plugging is remarkably quick and easy. When plugging the KEL-DPU the screw holes remain completely sealed by the elastomer layer.

Even the installation of cables or hoses can be done reliably and within seconds. Simply put a small slit into the thin membrane and push the cable through. 

Large type variety

Currently it can be chosen from 7 different types, depending on number and diameters of the cables. The highly flexible clamping ranges of the membranes enable the routing of cables from 3.2 to 20.5 mm in diameter.

The gland plate KEL-DPU is available in grey or black and can be optionally delivered with threaded bushings pressed into the screw holes.

Hygienic design – flat surfaces, detergent resistant

In food and packing industries hygiene is very important. Dirt-collecting recesses on machines and plants have to be avoided.

The flat and completely sealed surface of the KEL-DPU is perfect for these requirements. Dirt or dust can hardly accumulate on the gland plate and it is easy to clean. Furthermore, the KEL-DPU is certified for ECOLAB detergent resistance.

The KEL-DPU in grey...
The KEL-DPU in black...
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Advantages & benefits

  • Very high stability
  • High strain relief due to the special design of the cable sleeves
  • Screw or plug-in mounting possible
  • Very high cable density (compared to cable glands)
  • Simple and quick assembly with cables
  • Flat surfaces - no dirt-collecting recesses (hygienic design)
  • Resistant against ECOLAB detergents
  • Double cable sealing with IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 and UL type 12 / 4X


For the KEL-DPU icotek also offers useful accessories. Already pierced membranes can be resealed with ST-B plugs. This way the IP ratings IP65 - IP68 still remain.

To get a reliable EMI shielding on the routed cables directly at the inside of the enclosure or machine wall, the EMC cable assembly bracket KEL-EMC-PF can be screwed directly on the back of the mounted KEL-DPU (screw mounting only) using the screws of the cable entry plate. To shield the cables EMC shield clamps PFS|SKL and PFSZ|SKL (also available as double versions) can be snapped on the assembly bracket.

For mounting the KEL-DPU on Rittal enclosures with prefabricated cut-outs the icotek flange plates FP-AE, FP-KL or FP-BG can be used. In this case the protection class is reduced to IP54 which is conditioned by the enclosures themselves.

Technical specifications

Material: frame: polypropylene, sealing plate: elastomer
Colours: grey (similar RAL 7035), black 
Flame class: UL94-V0 self-extinguishing
IP rating: IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 (certified acc. to EN 60529)
UL type rating: UL type 12 / 4X (certified acc. to UL 50E)
Temperature: -40°C to +90°C (static)
Properties: halogen free, silicone free
Cut-out: 36 x 112 mm
Mounting height: 14 mm