Gland plates, membrane based

for cables without connectors

Gland plate for cable transit, membrane-based

With the membrane based gland plates cables with diameters from 1.5 to 22.2 mm can be quickly routed into control cabinets, panels or machines and be sealed with certified protection class up to IP68 / UL type 4X.

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Strain relief:
Heavy duty gland plate, IP66/IP68 / UL type 12/4X

Heavy duty gland plate with high strain relief and certified protection up to IP68 / UL type 4X.

  • KEL-DPU 24 grey
  • KEL-DPU 24 black
High density gland plate, IP66 / UL type 12

Gland plate with high cable density and certified protection IP66 / UL type 12.

  • KEL-DPZ 24 grey
  • KEL-DPZ 24 black
  • KEL-DPZ 16 grey
  • KEL-DPZ-B grey
  • KEL-DPZ-B black
  • KEL-DPZ-E grey
  • KEL-DPZ-E black
Gland plate, for terminal boxes Rittal KL, IP65 / UL type 12

Gland plate with very high cable density and certified protection IP65 / UL type 12.

  • KEL-DPZ-KL grey
  • KEL-DPZ-KL black
Round gland plate, IP66/IP68 / UL type 12/4X

Round gland plate with certified sealing IP66/IP68 / UL type 12/4X. Metric threads M25-M63.

  • KEL-DPZ round, grey
  • KEL-DPZ round, black
Plug-in gland plate, IP64 / UL type 12

Gland plate with high cable density for tool-free plug-in assembly. Certified sealing rates IP64 / UL type 12.

  • KEL-DP 24 grey
  • KEL-DP 24 black
  • KEL-DP-E grey
  • KEL-DP-E black
Round plug-in gland plate, IP65 / UL type 12

Compact round cable entry plate with high cable density. For plug-in into cut-outs from M25 to M50.

  • KEL-DP round, grey
  • KEL-DP round, black
Pyramid cable entry grommet, IP66/IP68 / UL type 12/4X

Flexible pyramid shaped cable entry grommet for cable diameters 3-70 mm. Metric threads M25-M85.

  • KEL-DPF grey
  • KEL-DPF black
Pyramid cable entry grommet, IP66 / UL type 12

Highly flexible pyramid shaped cable entry grommet for cable diameters 25-115 mm.

  • KEL-ULTRA flex grey
Pyramid cable entry grommet, IP54 / UL type 12

Flexible pyramid shaped IP54 / UL type 12 cable entry grommet for cable diameters 27-68 mm.

  • KEL-JUMBO flex grey
Membrane plugs for cable entry plates

Plugs for sealing already pierced membranes of cable entry plates KEL-DP, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DPU. Sealing rate remains.

  • ST-B plugs

Cable entry plates, membrane based, for cables without connectors

In comparison to traditional solutions such as standard cable glands the cable density is greatly increased. This combined with a reduction of required space make the icotek gland plate solution a great choice.

The gland plates consist of a robust hard frame made of plastic or metal which is completely moulded with elastomer. At the gland plate front there are pierceable membranes for various cable diameters, on the back there are conical cable sleeves to ensure a double sealing of the cables. This unique grommet design also provides a good strain relief.

The assembly of the gland plates can be done within seconds. Simply put a small slit into the thin membrane and push the cable through.

The gland plates KEL-DPU, KEL-DPZ and KEL-DP are available in various sizes, for round and rectangular cut-outs, for screw or plug-in mounting. With a mounting height of only 8 to 14.5 mm the gland plates are very flat and have a smooth and flat surface, which prevents dirt collecting recesses. The gland plates are therefore perfectly suited for applications in medical technology, food industry packaging or clean room areas.

The cut-out sizes match either metric cut-outs or those for multi-pin industrial connectors.

For routing supply lines with diameters of up to 115 mm icotek offers innovative pyramid shaped cable entry grommets KEL-DPF, KEL-JUMBO flex and KEL-ULTRA flex, which are perfectly flexible for feeding rigid supply cables at angles with very little effort.

Approvals and standards such as flame class UL 94-V0, IP and UL rated ingress protection, UL recognized, DNV-GL, EN 45545-2, ECOLAB detergent resistance and ATEX enable icotek gland plates to be real alternatives to conventional cable glands.

With our icotek ProductFinder you can easily find your perfect gland plate with just a few clicks. In case that really none of our plates suits your application requirements we offer customised solutions on request. Please contact us.

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