KEL-JUMBO Split Cable Transit Frames

for Cables with Diameters of up to 65 mm / IP54 / UL Type 12

The KEL-JUMBO cable transit system for installation of cables and conduits with a diameter of up to 65 mm, especially suited for supply cables. The innovative grommet design with the flex-membrane provides flexing and adjustment of the position for larger and more rigid cables.

We recommend round cut-outs, which can be made using standard knockout tools. Suggested cut-out: cable diameter +15 - 20%.

A flat rubber gasket is included in the shipment.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54
UL Type (UL 50E) UL Type 12
Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -40 C° to 140 C°
Material Polyamide
Mounting options Screw type mounting
Properties vibration proof, UV-resistant, silicone free, anti-corrosive (V2A versions), halogen free

Advantages & Benefits

  • Installation of cables up to 65 mm in diameter
  • It is possible to install rigid cables at angles
  • Retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done much more easily and quickly
  • Strain relief according to EN 62444

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