KDR-ESR Gland Plates with Slide Frames

for Rittal, nVent Hoffman & Häwa enclosures / IP54

The KDR-ESR is a one-piece plate to be assembled on enclosure bases. Slide frames for the KEL-U multi cable transit frames are already pre-assembled. On some gland plate types KEL-JUMBO multi cable transit frames can be mounted as well.

After installing all cables into the KEL-U frames, they are easily and quickly inserted into the slide frames and fixed. During maintenance, the KEL-U frames are removed without tools from the slide frames. Due to the combination KDR-ESR and KEL-U multi cable transit frames, a rating of IP54 is achieved (with correct selection of cable grommets). Slide frames which are no longer required, are closed with BPK-SNAP blank plates.

The extremely narrow (75 mm) gland plate KDRS-ESR-VX25 is assembled on enclosure base plates. This enables straight cable routing into the cable duct, without bending the cables. Thus, the cable duct can be set lower allowing more space for other components in the electrical enclosure.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54
Flame class UL94-V0, self-extinguishing
Operating temperature -40 C° to 90 C°
Material Base plate: Steel, zinc plated
ESR frame: Polyamide
Mounting options Screw type mounting
Properties silicone free, halogen free

Advantages & Benefits

  • Easy assembly and removal
  • During assembly, almost the complete base of the enclosure can be used for installation of cables
  • Even large connectors can be installed easily
  • Subsequent assembly possible
  • No additional sheet metal work required

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