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EMC Spring Loaded Shield Bracket SKZ with Integrated Strain Relief

The EMC shield clamps from icotek have a very versatile portfolio, they are used for the safe dissipation of high-frequency interference, and are enhanced by the SKZ shield version. The new SKZ offers an additional integrated strain relief ...

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New COO at icotek Corp.

icotek, manufacturer of cable management and EMC shielding solutions, has named Andy Woods as the new Chief Operating  Officer for the US subsidiary in Chicago.  Andy has taken over management responsibilities as of Oct. 1st, 2018...

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Plug-in Pressure Compensation Element from icotek

With the PCE12, icotek offers a pressure compensation element for its KEL, KEL-U, KEL-ER and KVT-ER cable entry systems. The pressure compensation element compensates for pressure fluctuations e. g. caused by solar radiation and temperature differences...

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New Grommets DT 7 and DT 8 by icotek

The DT cable grommets can be used anywhere where a large number of electric, pneumatic or hydraulic cables have to be routed and sealed with IP54 (UL type  12). With the DT 7, a maximum of four cables with a diameter of up to 6 mm can be routed...

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New Cable Shield Clamp for Printed Circuit Boards from icotek

icotek has developed the PCB-ET-SKL in order to consistently dissipate screen-bound interferences from electrical leads to the printed circuit board. The cable shield clamp PCB | SKL consists of the actual EMC shield clamp SKL with a fixed solder joint underneath which supports the mounting on circuit boards...

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Split Brush Plate for Cable Pass-Through

With the KEL-BES-S 32 icotek offers an additional new size of its split brush plates for routing cables. The KEL-BES-S 32 is suitable for round holes with a diameter of 32 mm. The cable pass-through is snapped directly into the cut-out or screwed with a locknut, which is included in the shipment...

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The Alternative to Conventional EMC Cable Glands

Based on its cable entry frames, icotek now offers frames with EMC shielding. The frames for cable entry are highly conductive and metallized, providing a scratch resistant coat. The corresponding cable grommets EMC-KT from the manufacturer are made of conductive elastomer...

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QT ServiceBox with over 200 grommets

For the cable entry frames KEL-QUICK, the cable glands QVT, QVT-Click and the cable entry plates KEL-QTA, icotek now offers a selection with the most frequently used grommets. The grommets are used to equip the cable glands and provide a high ingress protection and strain relief...

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KVT-ER Split Cord Grip With IP65 - IP68 Certification

The KVT-ER is the newest addition to the existing range of split cord grips. The extremely rugged KVT-ER is used for routing and sealing of cables with and without connectors, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. The cord grip is based on cut-outs in standard metric sizes M25, M32, M50 and M63. The KVT-ER fulfills the IP protection ratings IP65, IP66, IP67 and IP68 - certified according to EN 60529. ...

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Cable entry plates KEL-DPU now IP68 certified!

KEL-DPU entry plates are designed to route and seal cables without connectors (from 3.2 mm to 20.5 mm in diameter) in limited space – now with IP67 / IP68 certified...

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New grommet DT5 by icotek

icotek is expanding its range of DT cable grommets with the DT5. The DT cable grommets can be used anywhere where a large number of electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic lines must be routed and sealed with IP54...

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Extremely narrow EMC shield clamps for confined spaces

The versatile range of EMC shield clamps from icotek, for the safe dissipation of high-frequency interference, is extended by an extremely narrow design...

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Split cable entry frame KEL-ER now also IP66 certified

icotek's patented, split cable entry frame KEL-ER is now also IP66 protected according to EN 60529...

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Product Innovation from icotek at the SPS IPC DRIVES - the Most Efficient Model of Cable Entry

At the end of November, icotek will introduce a new level of efficient cable entry: "With the new development of the tool-free KEL-QUICK range, a product has emerged that sets new standards," emphasizes Managing Director Philipp Ehmann...

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Download icotek CAD Data Comfortably and Instantly

CAD data for all icotek products can now be downloaded immediately and free of charge via the platform ...

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New EN 45545-3 Fire Penetration Seals for Cable Entry Systems 

icotek is now offering cable entry systems combined with fire penetration seals with classifications EI30 / E45 acc. to EN 45545-3 for the railroad industry...

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EMC Clamp Assembly with Strain Relief for Use in Limited Space

The RLFZ-M range is a further development of the EMC clamp assembly which enables grounding and strain relief (acc. to EN 62444) of up to 12 cable shields from 3-12 mm using only one shield clamp size...

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Split Brush Frame: Protection Against Dust and Dirt 

The new icotek split brush plates for cable entry offer protection against ingress of dust and dirt. Due to the split system, the brush plate can be retrofitted around cables that have already been installed, without disconnecting the cables...

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Flange Enclosure KEL-FG: With the Plug Through the Wall – at a 90° Angle!

The completely redesigned cable entry flange enclosure KEL-FG by icotek is now even more robust and easier to mount than its predecessor...

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New Mounting Types for MSKL Multi-Diameter Shield Clamp

After the successful launch of the multi-diameter shield clamp "MSKL" in fall 2016, our product portfolio continues to grow in that segment...

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Cable Pass-Through with Brush Seal KDR-BES-U: The All-Round Talent

The new flexible cable pass-through solution KDR-BES-U is unrivaled on the market. With a clamp profile made of aluminum and a high-quality brush strip, the KDR-BES-U offers various mounting options due to its special shape...

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