With the plug through the wall – at a 90° angle!


At icotek we have set ourselves the goal of developing innovative products which provide real benefits to users, compared to conventional solutions. As a result we have optimised our 90° cable entry flange enclosure for conduits and cables with or without connectors. It is now also available in new sizes.

KEL-FG-A for up to 40 lines and cable with or without preassembled connectors. Cut-size like 24-pin heavy industrial connector (36 × 112 mm).
KEL-FG-B: Compact version for routing up to 16 lines and cables with or without preassembled connectors. Cut-out size 36 × 46 mm.


The completely redesigned cable entry flange enclosure KEL-FG is now even more robust and easier to assemble than its predecessor. Integrated threaded bushings, a modern and rugged design and two additional sizes are the main innovations. Preassembled cable routing, sealing and strain relief acc. to EN 62444 in a 90° angle to the enclosure or machine wall are still an unique advantage.

The double-row flange enclosure KEL-FG-A is suitable on standard cut-outs 36 × 112 mm of 24-pin heavy industrial connectors (e.g. Harting, Molex...). The compact double-row version KEL-FG-B fits on cut-outs 36 × 46 mm. Depending on the specific version small and large cable grommets of the KT series can be used. Cable grommets are placed into compartments and are securely fixed to the frame during assembly.

For tool-free assembly / disassembly of the flange enclosures KEL-FG-A and KEL-FG-B the snap mounting frame KEL-SNAP can be used.

KEL-FG-E: Single-row version for routing up to 20 lines and cables with or without preassembled connectors. Perfect for flat connectors and small enclosures (e.g. for industrial PCs).

New flat sizes for applications with limited space

A very flat design characterises the new single-row size KEL-FG-E (KEL-FG-E2 for cut-outs 24 × 43 mm, KEL-FG-E3 for cut-outs 24 × 65 mm and KEL-FG-E5 for cut-outs 24 × 112 mm). The new sizes are therefore perfect for applications with limited space (e.g. on industrial PCs). Routing, sealing and providing strain relief for cables is possible using small cable grommets of the KT series.

An additional flat rubber gasket is included in all KEL-FG shipments.

Advantages & benefits

  • Installation at an angle of 90° to the enclosure / machine wall
  • Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains
  • Mechanical protection of cable directly at the place of entry
  • IP54 rated protection
  • Protection against water spray and drips
  • High cable density
  • Compact design (KEL-FG-B & KEL-FG-E)
  • Strain relief acc. to EN 62444
  • High stability, rugged design
  • Vibration resistant

Assembly video


Material: Frame: Polyamide, sealing plate: Elastomer
Flame class: UL94-V0 self-extinguishing
IP rating: IP54, mit gasket and correct cable grommet selection 
(tested acc. to EN 60529)
Temperature: -40°C to +140°C (static)
Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free
Cut-out sizes: KEL-FG-A: 36 × 112 mm, KEL-FG-B: 36 × 46 mm,
KEL-FG-E3: 24 × 65 mm, KEL-FG-E5: 24 × 112 mm
Mounting height: KEL-FG-A/-B: 57.5 mm, KEL-FG-E: 38 mm

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