EMC clamp assembly for 35 mm top hat DIN rail, pluggable

with integrated strain relief

EMC clamp assemblies are used, where the shield of several cables must be connected to the earth potential. They are easy to use and enable effective earthing and strain relief of up to 12 cables in a small space. There are different carriers available which can be user configured with up to 12 SKL or MSKL shield clamps. The shield clamps are mounted directly on the surface of the clamp assembly which guarantees a tight fit.

The cables can be fixed via the cable jacket using cable ties. Thus strain relief in accordance with EN 62444 is achieved. 

The EMC shield clamps as listed below are available to mount:

SKL 1.5-3 | SKL 3-6 | SKL 6-8 | SKL 8-11

The SKL shield clamps are assembled in a row which enables an ideal and space-saving arrangement.

The clamp assembly can be easily attached by snapping them onto 35 mm top hat DIN rails.

Configure your individual clamp assembly with the icotek EMC Configurator!


Material Shield clamp: Spring steel, zinc plated
Snap foot: Spring steel
Mounting foot: Mild steel, galvanically zinc plated
Mounting options Screw type mounting
Mounting location 35 mm top hat DIN rail
Properties vibration proof

Advantages & benefits

  • Large contact area
  • Shield contact and strain relief separated
  • Easy assembly and removal
  • The spring design requires no adjustments and will permanently maintain contact to the cable shield
  • Shock and vibration resistant, maintenance free
  • Designed for high density applications
  • Possibility to configure custom specific EMC clamp assemblies

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