EMC-KEL-DS | Split EMC cable entry frames

for shielding cables with connectors / IP55

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The EMC cable entry frame EMC-KEL-DS has been metallised (galvanise coated) to create a conductive surface.

The front cable grommet (KT) is used for strain relief and cable sealing on the cable jacket. The cable shield is contacted over 360° via the rear conductive grommet (EMC-KT).

The EMC-KEL-DS frames match exactly the cut-out dimensions for 24-pin standard industrial connectors. Either a cut-out of 36 mm or 46 mm in height can be chosen depending on the cables being routed.

The contact between the EMC-KEL-DS and the conductive housing wall is realised via the included conductive flat gasket.

It is also possible to integrate threaded bushings. Please ask us about your desired variant. The version with threaded bushings enables the cable entry frame to be screwed onto the housing from the inside out. This protects against vandalism and tampering with the housing from the outside.


IP rating (EN 60529) IP54, IP55
Flame class UL94-HB
Operating temperature -40 C° to 140 C°
Material Polyamide, highly conductive coating
Mounting options Screw type mounting

Advantages & benefits

  • Both conducted and field-bound disturbances can be reliably diverted
  • Strain relief and sealing are separated from the EMC contact
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Contacting the cable shield over 360°
  • EMC grommets made entirely from conductive elastomer
  • Very good dissipation values
  • Very good shielding effect with regard to EMC tightness

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